Helping You Succeed From The Ground Up.

At CVS Ag, we are conscious farming. Committed to addressing the need of restoring farmlands to thriving and productive landscapes, our team joins farmers throughout our country who share our passion applying creativity, innovation, productivity and understanding of the health of our soil and entire ecosystem to our day-to-day agricultural practices.

Agriculture continues to evolve. Because we know more than we did 50 years ago, today we have the opportunity to think differently. Whether it's the health of our soil, animal welfare, employee safety or water quality, it is all of our responsibility to take that knowledge and apply those practices on our farms.

Our conscious desire, commitment and responsibility to produce the highest form of clean, whole nutrition for the world is the foundation to our product development. We believe that it is a necessity to ensure that the environment that we produce our world's food supply on is maintained to the highest standard of health and well-being.

Our Company

For more than 30 years, CVS Ag has been committed to providing holistic, environmentally sustainable and profitable solutions for agriculture. The Airoso family's story began in the early 1900's when Julie Airoso-Locke's grandparents immigrated to the United States and settled in Tulare County as dairy farmers. Airoso-Locke knew from a young age that she wanted to continue her family's rich agricultural history in the Central Valley. In 1987, CVS Ag opened its doors in Tulare County. The company continues to thrive under the leadership of Airoso-Locke and her sons, Justin and Jacob, as a premier, leading edge family-owned company committed to offering holisitic agricultural products.

"Our family's goal is simple — to help our customers, who are our neighbors, friends and community members, improve productivity, profitability and sustainability the healthiest and safest way possible for the land that we steward," said Airoso-Locke. "Our family helps customers with applying products on your farming operation at the right rate and the right time. We are passionate about using our products to help our customers succeed."

We know everyone in business is always looking for ways to get ahead. And although we need to do more with less, we must do it the right way. Leading and forward-thinking farmers use soil management strategies in their efforts to improve fertility, maximize yield and reduce ecological impact. At CVS Ag, we provide the best products with the best service from a family-owned company.

"We're much different from a traditional fertilizer or animal health company. Our products are focused on improving soil health," Airoso-Locke said.

Allow our team at CVS Ag to help you think differently about your agriculture operation's needs. Together, let's succeed from the ground up.